Sorcerer vs Magician, It’s All Fun and Games

It is very difficult to distinguish between a Sorcerer and a Magician. These two artists are deemed to possess a certain magic and images of witches and wizard from the fantasy world come to mind.

In a comparison of the sorcerer and magician, the thing that will come to a mind of most gamers, movie lovers, readers and other people from all corners of the world is the appearance of both magical persons. Magicians are portrait to have a long beard, wearing simple clothes and normally old aged while sorcerers are pictured to be attractive and very beautiful and are likely better looking than Magicians.

Sorcerers in most fantasy and factual aspect do appear younger compared to Magicians.

As stated by different sources, sorcerers are seen to have the ability to draw mystic energies out surrounding them and those that are in them. Sorcerers are talented people of magic that they have the ability to channel magical powers / the energy thus they are known to be casters of spells because of their talents in these magical arts.

Magicians (wizards) are known to be wise. They are known to do a study about certain spells to cast them out. They are believed to have acquired their magical arts by studying spells, unlike the sorcerers who inherit their arts from their ancestors.

According to some fantasy game i.e. Dungeons and Dragons, they have introduced the two characters that the gamer will choose from and play with. Illustrations from this game about the two artists indicate that sorcerers are magical blaster who is repeatedly in the game blast his/her magic against their enemies whereas magicians always care for their books as it is significant to them. They are vulnerable without their spell books, unlike the sorcerers who don’t need spell books to and creates their magical powers from thin air.

Tricks a Magician Needs to Know


Magic has been a part of the world for centuries. Today, some people live off magic as a profession. However, to be a great magician it takes the time to learn the tricks and illusions before performing them to a live audience. Some of the tricks that a magician should know when learning new tricks are;

  • Maintaining the audience attention

This is a trick that goes a long way for a magician. It is only by capturing and maintaining the attention of the audience that they will get to believe in the illusions that one will perform.

Attention can be captured by maintaining an eye contact with the audience. In addition, varying the pace of the presentation from fast to slow will have the audience attentive. Audience participation has always been effective. The audience will want to see how that one person fits into the magic performance.

  • Practice

The tricks done by magicians are not learned over night. Otherwise, everyone would be a magician, right? When learning a new trick, it is the magician to practice until they perfect it. This will save you the embarrassment of a magic trick flop in front of a live audience.

  • The magic trick should be simple

It has been said by magicians that an audience will always be captivated by a magic trick they can relate to by visual aids. Tricks such as tree removal, a dove appearing or play with cards are clear and the audience can see them and understand them quite well.

  • Mental forcing

This is a technique through which a magician influences the choice made by a participant without their knowledge. They discretely give subtle hints that will make them do as the magician desires. This, for instance, is applied when one influences an audience to choose a specific card from a bunch of cards.

To conclude, the success of a magician will highly be dependent on their interaction with the audience. Therefore, a magician needs to know and apply the mentioned tricks when they are performing.

Famous Magicians or Illusionists

For many years, the art of magic has revolutionized the entertainment world, with several magicians entertaining their audience with tricks and illusions. The way in which magicians showcase their talents is absolutely astonishing. Every famous magician around the world has his own distinctive signature trick that set them apart. This article highlights some of the top magicians or illusionists in the world. David Blaine – Blaine graduated from card tricks into astonishing public imprisonments. Some of his signature tricks include being buried under a water tank in New York, spending 44 days over the Thames while suspended in a small glass box and being entombed inside ice for three days. Blaine’s endurance is incredible but his most impressive trick is his pavement levitation. Penn and Teller Having transformed from showmen into social commentators focusing on issues such as war on drugs in America, the duo represent a blend of magic and science. Their outspoken inclination toward rational thinking inspired their popular Showtime series, called Bullshit. They are highly regarded illusionists thanks to their mind-boggling and stomach-churning magic tricks, which involve nail guns, catching bullets with the teeth and hanging themselves. David Copperfield David started practicing magic at the age of 12 years and has never looked back. Some of his unique magic tricks include levitating, making the Liberty Statue disappear and walking through the famous Great Wall of China. Besides magic, he has had a number of acting forays in TV shows and movies. Steven Frayne Devoid of glamorous assistants, stage props and other kitsch, Steven is one of the best illusionists of our time. With his low-key delivery and slight frame, he revolutionized the art by performing close-up magic on the street. Popularly known for his amazing Television show, Dynamo, he has wowed people by swallowing jewelry before pulling it out of the stomach and turning snow into diamonds. Apollo Robbins Popularly known as the pickpocket magician, Apollo’s most memorable trick is when he relieved the secret service agents of Jimmy Carter the content of their pockets in a matter of minutes. Based on his amazing magic tricks, the US department of defense is working with Apollo to teach military staff about deception and how they can avoid demolition of the mind. Derren Brown Derren was a former Christian who turned into a prominent atheist. He uses magic in demolition of religious quacks and charlatans. He allows his audience to actively participate in his performances by giving body-language clues and suggestions as well as absorbing subliminal messages.

History of Magic and Illusions

Throughout history, magic tricks and illusions of grandeur have long been a form of entertainment. For many years the public has enjoyed watching magicians perform sleight-of-hand tricks, vanishing acts, mentalism, street magic, escapism, along with many other types of magic.

Perhaps the first type of magic was used in Iran by Magi in the early eighteenth century. In fact, the word ‘magic’ comes from the word ‘magi’ of Iran. From there, though, magic tricks traveled all the way around the world, through Europe, Britain, Russia, and eventually to North America.

Some of the most popular and famous magicians throughout the world have been Harry Houdini, Maskelyne, Cooke, and Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin. In fact, Harry Houdini actually took his stage name from Robert-Houdin. But Robert-Houdin is one of the first magicians that many people refer to when speaking of early magicians because he opened a magic theater in the mid-nineteenth century.

But what defines a magic trick that these magicians are known for? In today’s society, magic tricks have been characterized as a form of children’s entertainment, making magic fun and light-hearted. Some examples of magic tricks that are performed on-stage include making a bird disappear, wildlife removal, pulling a rabbit out of a hat, and using smoke and mirrors throughout the show. However, in earlier years when magic tricks and shows started taking shape some of the popular shows included many more illusions of grandeur, including more tricks that were composed of secret traps in the floor of the stage and other props and utilities that used the magician’s surroundings.

There is also something called “The Magician’s Oath” that has been used for many years. In earlier years when magic shows first started to become popular magicians and those who practiced sleight-of-hand tricks and illusions for large audiences, magicians took “The Magician’s Oath” seriously. This oath dictated that that the magician was never to reveal a secret on how they did their performances, either by accident or on purpose. If there were some magicians that were unreliable and broke this oath then other colleague magicians probably would have been less likely to teach them tricks.

As mentioned earlier, though, magic tricks have long been a form of entertainment. Almost everyone throughout the world loves to watch magicians perform any type of magic trick that they are able to see. Perhaps one of the reasons that people love watching magic shows is because of the element of surprise and mystery that magicians are so good at performing. Many love to guess how magic tricks are done while others insist that they not know! Another reason that magic tricks are popular, especially with children across the world today, is because they are delighted that they can “fool” others into thinking they have done something completely amazing!

All things considered, magic tricks have been around for a long time and there’s no evidence that they’ll be fading into the distance any time soon. The element of mystery about magic tricks is what many people love and as long as magicians can continue producing great magic tricks then magic shows will continue to be popular!