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Famous Magicians or Illusionists

For many years, the art of magic has revolutionized the entertainment world, with several magicians entertaining their audience with tricks and illusions. The way in which magicians showcase their talents is absolutely astonishing. Every famous magician around the world has his own distinctive signature trick that set them apart. This article highlights some of the top magicians or illusionists in the world. David Blaine – Blaine graduated from card tricks into astonishing public imprisonments. Some of his signature tricks include being buried under a water tank in New York, spending 44 days over the Thames while suspended in a small glass box and being entombed inside ice for three days. Blaine’s endurance is incredible but his most impressive trick is his pavement levitation. Penn and Teller Having transformed from showmen into social commentators focusing on issues such as war on drugs in America, the duo represent a blend of magic and science. Their outspoken inclination toward rational thinking inspired their popular Showtime series, called Bullshit. They are highly regarded illusionists thanks to their mind-boggling and stomach-churning magic tricks, which involve nail guns, catching bullets with the teeth and hanging themselves. David Copperfield David started practicing magic at the age of 12 years and has never looked back. Some of his unique magic tricks include levitating, making the Liberty Statue disappear and walking through the famous Great Wall of China. Besides magic, he has had a number of acting forays in TV shows and movies. Steven Frayne Devoid of glamorous assistants, stage props and other kitsch, Steven is one of the best illusionists of our time. With his low-key delivery and slight frame, he revolutionized the art by performing close-up magic on the street. Popularly known for his amazing Television show, Dynamo, he has wowed people by swallowing jewelry before pulling it out of the stomach and turning snow into diamonds. Apollo Robbins Popularly known as the pickpocket magician, Apollo’s most memorable trick is when he relieved the secret service agents of Jimmy Carter the content of their pockets in a matter of minutes. Based on his amazing magic tricks, the US department of defense is working with Apollo to teach military staff about deception and how they can avoid demolition of the mind. Derren Brown Derren was a former Christian who turned into a prominent atheist. He uses magic in demolition of religious quacks and charlatans. He allows his audience to actively participate in his performances by giving body-language clues and suggestions as well as absorbing subliminal messages.