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Tricks a Magician Needs to Know


Magic has been a part of the world for centuries. Today, some people live off magic as a profession. However, to be a great magician it takes the time to learn the tricks and illusions before performing them to a live audience. Some of the tricks that a magician should know when learning new tricks are;

  • Maintaining the audience attention

This is a trick that goes a long way for a magician. It is only by capturing and maintaining the attention of the audience that they will get to believe in the illusions that one will perform.

Attention can be captured by maintaining an eye contact with the audience. In addition, varying the pace of the presentation from fast to slow will have the audience attentive. Audience participation has always been effective. The audience will want to see how that one person fits into the magic performance.

  • Practice

The tricks done by magicians are not learned over night. Otherwise, everyone would be a magician, right? When learning a new trick, it is the magician to practice until they perfect it. This will save you the embarrassment of a magic trick flop in front of a live audience.

  • The magic trick should be simple

It has been said by magicians that an audience will always be captivated by a magic trick they can relate to by visual aids. Tricks such as tree removal, a dove appearing or play with cards are clear and the audience can see them and understand them quite well.

  • Mental forcing

This is a technique through which a magician influences the choice made by a participant without their knowledge. They discretely give subtle hints that will make them do as the magician desires. This, for instance, is applied when one influences an audience to choose a specific card from a bunch of cards.

To conclude, the success of a magician will highly be dependent on their interaction with the audience. Therefore, a magician needs to know and apply the mentioned tricks when they are performing.