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Sorcerer vs Magician, It’s All Fun and Games

It is very difficult to distinguish between a Sorcerer and a Magician. These two artists are deemed to possess a certain magic and images of witches and wizard from the fantasy world come to mind.

In a comparison of the sorcerer and magician, the thing that will come to a mind of most gamers, movie lovers, readers and other people from all corners of the world is the appearance of both magical persons. Magicians are portrait to have a long beard, wearing simple clothes and normally old aged while sorcerers are pictured to be attractive and very beautiful and are likely better looking than Magicians.

Sorcerers in most fantasy and factual aspect do appear younger compared to Magicians.

As stated by different sources, sorcerers are seen to have the ability to draw mystic energies out surrounding them and those that are in them. Sorcerers are talented people of magic that they have the ability to channel magical powers / the energy thus they are known to be casters of spells because of their talents in these magical arts.

Magicians (wizards) are known to be wise. They are known to do a study about certain spells to cast them out. They are believed to have acquired their magical arts by studying spells, unlike the sorcerers who inherit their arts from their ancestors.

According to some fantasy game i.e. Dungeons and Dragons, they have introduced the two characters that the gamer will choose from and play with. Illustrations from this game about the two artists indicate that sorcerers are magical blaster who is repeatedly in the game blast his/her magic against their enemies whereas magicians always care for their books as it is significant to them. They are vulnerable without their spell books, unlike the sorcerers who don’t need spell books to and creates their magical powers from thin air.